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7 Wings Academy

Project Date

August 17, 2021

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7Wings Academy is the ideal place for students to learn, and prepare to score their dream bands. With more and more practice, we help students to become perfect on all three aspects – Speaking, Learning, and Writing. This website brings the client online admissions, it showcases different types of courses the academy has to offer, quick summary of the portion and sample answers to help the students in their preparation. The website looks outstanding with its usability. Visiting students can easily choose the courses they prefer to buy on the homepage. On the other hand, if a user wishes to ask for more information, that is also possible.


Client's feedback

“I received the best service at most affordable price from NoFault Design and we wish to bring more projects to work with the team” – 7 WINGS ACADEMY The client love how “” has become a great platform for them to gain more number of student in their academy. Their experience with NoFault Design has been fantastic and they have set a record number of students via online admissions.